Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Innovation is the key to success in the globalised economy of today with ever increasing pace of development in electronics; electronic engineers have become the catalyst for the change of the modern society. Their innovations and new techniques in recent trends in the respective discipline have transformed many engineers into global leaders.


It is due to the thorough grounding information given to the budding engineers in our college. Besides the curriculum of Electronics & Communication Engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of art of knowledge of Electronic Devices and Circuits, Computer Architecture and Microprocessors, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Electro Magnetic Field Theory, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Microwave and Broadband Communication.

In order to reach our higher goals, we strictly follow our vision and mission. The faculty members of ECE are highly experienced. All of them are from well reputed institution industries and companies, with their extension services, the students of ECE are upgraded.

Thus they turn out to be academically sound mind and industrially global leaders. Our programme includes acquisition of technical exposure, nurturing of career improvements as well as personality development. The laboratories are constantly upgraded to take care of the technological developments