•A student is required to put in a minimum statutory attendance during each semester in each subject. Non-compliance of this rule will render him liable to be debarred from promotion to the next semester or from appearing at final examination.



•Leave cannot be availed of unless recommended by the Head of the Department of respective discipline. No student is allowed to leave the premises of the Institute without permission of the Principal / HOD/Tutor.

•Application for sick leave must be accompanied by a certificate from the Medical Officer of the Hostel or Assistant Surgeon or Registered Medical Practitioner.

•All students shall abide by any changes or modifications in Academic Regulations made from time to time by the Institute whenever so required.

•Disciplinary action will be taken against students found indulging in misconduct/ misbehavior on campus and using unfair means at any examination etc.

•The candidate shall behave in a disciplined manner inside the Institute, hostels, on educational tour or during in-plant training and follow all the instructions issued by the Director General/ Registrar from time to time. Any violation of these instructions shall result in instant expulsion of student from the Institute without any prior notice.

•After the admission of the candidate he/ she shall be under disciplinary jurisdiction of the Management/Principal/HOD and shall observe these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will make the candidate concerned liable for disciplinary action as per prevailing rules.

•If candidate who is offered admission does not pay the prescribed fees within the date specified or extended the offer will be treated as cancelled.

•The admission offered to candidate shall be cancelled if later at any time it is found that the candidate is not eligible for admission.

•Even if a candidate has paid fees but fails to join the Institute within a fortnight of the date of payment of fees or remains absent without intimation or prior permission of the Management/Principal/HOD, his/ her admission shall be treated as cancelled.

•If any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/ her admission is at any time later found to be incorrect, the student shall be liable to be removed from the Institute.

•If a candidate applies for cancellation of admission within 10 days after payment of fees, entire fees paid by the candidate(s) shall be refunded by deducting 10% of the amount towards administration charges. If the application is received after 10 days, only the deposit amount will be refunded.